Accentus delivers bespoke data analysis and training for you and your team.


Your speech inspires and motivates.

Accentus utilises scientifically-based speech analysis and training. We shape your speech to be dynamic and powerful. 



Your voice captures and entertains. 

Acoustic voice analysis forms the basis of personalised voice training. We help you create unique vocal skills to capture and engage your audience. 


Your accent is clear, natural and eloquent.

We analyse speech sounds, speech patterns and naturalness. Accent neutralization will shape and refine your speech.


Your presentation skills are charismatic and confident. 

Accentus analyses your strengths, then designs and shapes your personal presenting style. Your body language, speech and voice will be seamless and natural.


Your communication style is positive, intuitive and collaborative.

Creating connections is perhaps the most important human enterprise we engage in and it's power is immeasurable. Accentus will teach you how to understand your communication partners so you can better create and harness these connections.